About Me

Wenbo Su

Introduce myself will be here.

My Experience

Southeast University

I studied at Southeast University to get a bachelor degree.

Undergraduate student in school of Information Science and Engineering

Nanjing Haishanda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

I worked in the company as an intern.

Front-end Web developer

Waseda University

I'm studying at Waseda University in Japan to get a master degree.

Postgraduate student in Graduated School of Information Production and System

My Skills

My Projects

My blog

This is a small blog website I built for myself based on Jekyll and GitHub pages.

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This is a small project on Theory on Object Oriented study. This system is specially designed for the library managers to improve the working efficiency and is designed as a web application that can run on the web.

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Sandemaring Product Data Management Platform. This is a web system of Product Management. It’s one of my project achievements during my intern experience in Nanjing Haishanda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. My work was mainly about font-end developing in this program.