13 Feb 2017

Weekly conclusion 1

First week

Actually, I don’t know what to write in this kind of small article or diary, but I do want to write something in English. I love to speak English and have a very strong willing desire to speak it well. English is so important a tool that I think my future life life will be closely related to itwill depend on it. It’s lucky that I like English. Because because if I am interested in something, I will have a motivation to spend time on it and try to do it well. English is a very interesting and beautiful language. I feel good while trying to speak in English.

I have tried a lot of ways to learn English well so far,. But but the problem is that most methods seem to be useless. I think the main reason is that I can hardly insistcommit to on good methods after finding them. I’m too lazy. From this weekStarting this week, I want to make some plans for my English learning and try my best to persist in that.

  • Since I have forgotten many basic words and grammars, I decided to learn English from the very beginning. I found some videos about the New Concept of English on the a website. I want to watch all of them in order to have a systematic understanding of English grammar.
  • Another way to improve my English is by talking to someone in YY channel every night. There are many good English speakers there, although most of them are Chinese. But there is one problem while using this method. When I talk to someone people like such as native English speakers, I may can’t catch up with them and it is hard for me to join the topictheir conversation, this which makes me nervous. While wWhen I talk to someone who doesn’t speak English well, the embarrassinged situation may occur that both of us don’t know what to talk about due to our limited language skills. So the critical thing for me now is to improve my English level.
  • I also decided to read novels this week. Reading is always a good habit. Forming a habit to read books usually is difficult for me, because I hardly read books before.hadn’t read much in the past. I’m starting to read the book “The Great Gatsby.”. It’s a good beginning start and I wish I could stick with it.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this week. As forto next week, it may be a good idea for me to writing write something about my feelings onf some English books and movies.