21 Feb 2017

Weekly conclusion 2

Second week

Last week, I tried to read the book “The Great Gatsby”. But it is difficult for me to read this book;, there are many complicated words and sentences in it, so I changed my mind to watch the movie instead of reading this book.

This movie is about the story of Gatsby by through Nick’s toneeyes/perspective. Nick rented a small house adjacent to Gatsby’s luxurious mansion where a big party was hold held every weekend night. Different fromUnlike other uninvited people, Nick was the first one who was invited to the party, and became a close friend of Gatsby. After several weeks, Nick realized that everything Gatsby had done was for Daisy—Nick’s cousin. Gatsby and Daisy loved each other when Gatsby was young, but Gatsby left Daisy because of his poor family. Then When Gatsby was joined the army in the First World War, while Daisy was marriedmarried to Tom who was a rich man, but (she was not happy / her marriage wasn’t working) her marriage was not happy because Tom had a mistress. There was a lost love in Gatsby’s deepstill deep love in Gatsby’s heart, so he pretended to be a rich man when he came back. He overlooked the green light above the river every night, that waswhich represented his hopes and dreams for the future to be with Daisy. He loved Daisy so much that he could would do everything anything to win Daisy. In order to attract Daisy’s attention, he spent much money to hold the big party. In fact, Daisy was attracted by his luxurious mansion and wealth. But in the end Daisy chose her husband, not Gatsby, when Tom told her the real situation oftruth about Gatsby. The end of story is a tragedy that because Daisy went together with her husband to another city happily while Gatsby was murdered mistakenly because of Daisy’s guilty.

Many people believe that material wealth alone can bring that dream to fruition. As for Gatsby, the symbol of his final Dream is to win the love of Daisy. Compared with themmost of society, Gatsby is the only hero living in thise Impetuous impetuous society.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this week. As forto next week, it may be a good idea for me to writing write something about my feelings onf some English books and movies.